To make a blast fx:

First, creat a few textures:

Next, use the textures to make materials: #1: material for the bursting fire

#2: material for the fire and smoke

Then, using the materials to make a few emitters: #1: emitter for the snow cloud

#2: emitter for the particle locaton

#3: emitter for the blast and smoke


What I learned: use Emitter InitLoc to make particles follow other particles to make a trail

( Emitter InitLoc This module sets the spawn location of the particles emitted from this emitter to the current location of particles belonging to another emitter, the source emitter, in the same particle system. )

(Particles: Each particle is some sort of geometry that is created by the emitter and behaves according to the rules of the emitter.

Particles are usually sprites or a single four-sided plane (made up of two triangular polygons) with a material applied to it, but they can take on other forms such as static meshes.

A particle has a lifetime which is the number of seconds it will continue to be updated and drawn. When it is spawned, its lifetime begins to count down and when its lifetime is up, it is destroyed. )



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