To make a power generator fx:


First, creat textures:


Next, make materials: #1. material for electric ball:

#2: material light burst: apply the material below an extruded geoshphere with rotated UV mapping

#3. material for magnetic:


Then, using the materials to make emitters: emitter for electric ball:


What I learned: CoordinateIndex 1 in Unreal correspond map channel 2 in 3Dmax

(Polygonal meshes can have more than one set of texture coordinates. These sets are stored in what are called ¡®UV channels¡¯. The TextureCoordinate expression provides access to different UV channels of a mesh, as well as allowing for texture repetition, or tiling. Its CoordinateIndex property allows you to choose which UV channel to apply to another expression (such as a TextureSample expression), and the Tiling property controls how many times the texture will repeat across the surface. The TextureCoordinate has only one output; a 2-component vector that provides a new set of texture coordinates, which then override the texture coordinates of the receiving expression. )


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