To make an electric beam fx:

make a material for electric:

the beam emitter:


What I learned: use Source and Target to set the start and end points of beam.

(When a Beam TypeData module is added to a particle emitter, it becomes a beam emitter. In its simplest form, a beam emitter spawns a particle from a location called the source that travels towards an endpoint called the target. A single sprite is drawn between the source and the particle which rotates around the length of the beam so that it is always facing the camera. To make the beams more interesting, noise can be added. In this case, the beam consists of a series of connecting sprites drawn between the intermediate points to which the noise is applied.Weapons will often use beam emitters to produce their effects. Other examples of phenomena that are good candidates for using beam emitters are a lighting bolt or a laser effect.A single beam emitter can not have more than 5000 vertices. Failure to heed this limitation of 5000 vertices will cause the engine to crash. )

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