To make a mesh glow on one side:

I learned: use Coordinate Transform to fake light source on one side of mesh


To make a pinch on sphere fx:


I learned: use the character of sphere UV mapping to pinch a panning texture.

To make a dancing bar lighting fx:

(SceneDepth: The SceneDepth expression is very similar to the DestDepth expression, but rather than calculating depth for a single pixel, it samples depth across the entire level It has one parameter,

bNormalize, which maps the values from the range of Near to Far to the range of 0 to 1.

A SceneTexture expression allows you to sample the scene¡¯s lighting texture. When you build lighting on your level, a texture is written internally that contains all of your light map data.

The SceneTexture expression gives you access to this information for sampling purposes. )


To make a stretched beam fx:

To make a normal map in Photoshop:

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