To make a dead portal fx:

first, make a few textures:

next, using textures to make a few materials: material for noise

material for twisting purple energy:

material for smoke rings with fake depth:

material for the suck in fx:

apply above material to a semi sphere with sylindrical UV mapping:

Next, make emitters. one of them, use half cylinder, negative value of velocity to achieve suck in motion:

emitter for the noise:

emitter for the twisting purple energy:


What I learned: 1. using Cylindrical UV mapping to generate centripetal move. 2 using Sine to animate texture.

(The Sine expression is virtually identical to the Cosine expression, aside from the obvious; it performs a sine function on the incoming angle input rather than a cosine function. In most cases,

this will be connected to a Time expression to cause animation during gameplay. When doing this, the Sine expressioní»s single parameter,

Period, determines the number of seconds required for the waveform to complete one full cycle.)

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