To make a torch fx:

First, creat textures:


Next, use the textures to make a few materials:

material for flickering light:

Then, using the materials to make emitters:

What I learned: using SubIamage Index to randomize texture.

(SubImage Index: This module tells the particles of this emitter which sub-image they should use by index. This only works for emitters using a material with sub-images

and an InterpolationMethod not set to PSUVIM_None. index of sub-images is zero based. Also, you should use a value that is slightly higher than the index you wish to use. For instance,

if you want to cycle through each sub-image of a 2 by 2 material, meaning indices 0 through 3, , during each particle¡¯s lifetime, you would create a constant curve distribution with two slots.

Slot [0] would have an InVal of 0.0 and an OutVal of 0.0. Slot [1] would have an InVal of 1.0 and an OutVal of 3.01. )

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