To make a water splash fx:

First, make a few materials: material for ripple

Material for splash:

Material for water drops:

Then, make a few emitters:

I learned: use Screen Position and Component Mask to limit the directions of reflection.

(A ScreenPosition expression outputs the position on the screen of the current pixel being evaluated. The pixel is given a location in screen space between [-1,-1],

which would be the lower left corner, and [1, 1], the upper right corner. It has one parameter, ScreenAlign, which changes the coordinate range to [0, 0] to [1, 1],

which can be useful as a set of texture coordinates for aligning a texture to the screen.To do this,

you would need to input the ScreenPosition into a ComponentMask,outputting only the R and G values into the UVs of a given texture. .)


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